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Developing and implementing pathways to better healthcare outcomes.


TMIT Consulting helps healthcare delivery organizations and others improve care processes and outcomes. We develop widely used care transformation strategies and tools, and apply them in national/ international care transformation initiatives and collaborative quality improvement projects with clinics, hospitals and their partners.


We reengineer care workflows and information flow so that all key stakeholders benefit; patients are healthier and more satisfied, care team work is more rewarding and less burdensome, resources are used more efficiently and effectively, and care is equitable.  See Approach for more details


  • Action plan (and initial actions) by many stakeholders to address the opioid crisis through better use of patient-centered clinical decision support


TMIT Consulting was founded in 2011 by Jerome Osheroff, MD, FACP, FACMI. He has worked passionately to transform care toward the quintuple aim for over 3 decades. He is an internationally recognized leader in synthesizing, disseminating and applying best practices for improving care by helping people better leverage processes and technology.

He is lead author on the best-selling/ award-winning HIMSS CDS guidebooks and ONC's Roadmap for National Action on CDS, and created the influential CDS 5 Rights frameworkHis training as an electrical engineer and primary care internist - and decades of care transformation experience - underpins all TMIT's activities.

The Most Important Thing is to find out what is the most important thing Shunryu Suzuki

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