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Our Approach

TMIT Consulting's name stems from the Zen quote:

"The Most Important Thing is to find out what is the most important thing." - Shunryu Suzuki

For an increasing number of healthcare delivery stakeholders, a central goal is simultaneously improving health, patient and care team satisfaction, costs and equity (the quintuple aim).

 TMIT Consulting helps them address critical steps to success:

  • Engage key stakeholders to identify care improvement priorities and gain their commitment to work together to achieve these goals.

  • Plan and execute strategies to successfully address improvement imperatives with the full force of their people, technologies and other capabilities.

  • Apply performance improvement best practices to measurably and efficiently improve care delivery and outcomes.

  • Fully leverage the tools and approaches being applied in many successful QI projects to optimize CDS/performance improvement efforts and results.

Core Initiatives:

  • The main TMIT activity is fostering and supporting learning communities within the LHS Collaborative to bring together care delivery organizations and other key stakeholders to accelerate care transformation and Learning Health Systems for high priority targets.

  • The LHS Collaborative is evolving into a public/private-led initiative as outlined in these slides from a Summit held in November 2023.

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Getting the "CDS Five Rights" Right

Dr. Osheroff first published the "CDS Five Rights" in the 2009 CDS guidebook.  This now widely used framework asserts that, in order to measurably improve targeted outcomes, you must get the right information to the right people in the right formats through the right channels at the right times.  CMS recommends this framework as a best practice approach to improving care processes and outcomes.

Though the principle is straightforward, configuring care to get all these dimensions right takes a rigorous approach and effective collaboration.

TMIT services leverage Dr. Osheroff's leadership in synthesizing, disseminating and applying CDS/quality improvement (QI) success strategies he's published in best-selling, award-winning guidebooks and the HRSA-sponsored Guide to Improving Care Process and Outcomes.

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