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Professional Services

TMIT helps care delivery and quality improvement organizations, government agencies, HIT vendors, and others ensure that patients and their care teams have information needed for decisions and actions that lead to optimal care results.


We focus on transforming care toward the Quadruple Aim, including addressing high stakes performance measures, such as those associated with reimbursement, public reporting, accreditation and business viability. Our expertise and tools improve care delivery processes and outcomes, including fully leveraging health IT to enhance clinical information flow and workflow. We have developed quality improvement (QI) guides and tools provided by ONC, HRSA, CDC and other organizations, and use them effectively in target-focused QI projects with providers and their partners.


We bring together inter-dependent stakeholders in this work (such as those listed below), helping each address their increasing business imperative to drive better care delivery and outcomes. We focus on people, process and technology dimensions (in this order) that are critical to success, delivering strong wins for stakeholders.


Additional details on services for different business types are outlined below.

Care Delivery Orgnizations
  • Use a proven roadmap to guide development, execution, and monitoring of target-focused QI projects to improve care process and outcomes. Apply results to broadly strengthen QI capabilities and approach to other improvement imperatives.

 Quality Organizations
  • Apply tools and strategies outlined for Care Delivery Organizations across multiple providers. Accelerate learning and progress through cross-site sharing.

Government Agencies

  • Support funded QI initiatives as outlined for Quality Organizations.

  • Develop/refine QI tools for broad use

EHR/HIT Vendors
  • Apply proven, federally recommended tools and strategies to help clients optimize their QI efforts and results from vendor's system capabilities.

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