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Jerome A. Osheroff, MD, FACP, FACMI

Prinicpal and Founder, TMIT Consulting, LLC​


For three decades, Osheroff has been building understanding of care delivery information needs and helping ensure that people, processes and technology are successfully applied to fulfilling these needs better. These efforts include helping healthcare organizations and clinicians use clinical decision support (CDS) to improve care processes and outcomes, guiding federal CDS/Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives, leading academic research into clinical information management, and guiding development and application of commercially successful CDS products.


In May 2011 Osheroff founded TMIT Consulting, LLC, a firm focused on developing and implementing pathways to better healthcare outcomes for care delivery organizations, government agencies, quality improvement organizations and HIT vendor clients. For the decade prior to starting TMIT, he was Chief Clinical Informatics Officer for Thomson Reuters Healthcare, where he ensured that their decision support offerings were optimally responsive to clinician, patient, and management information needs, and that they measurably improved healthcare outcomes.


Osheroff is a leader in helping provider organizations successfully apply CDS. He articulated the “CDS 5 Rights” framework, which CMS recommends as a best practice for improving patient care. He is lead author of the HIMSS CDS Guidebook Series, which includes an all-time HIMSS bestselling book and 2005 HIT Book of the Year, “Improving Outcomes with Clinical Decision Support: An Implementer’s Guide.” The 2009 book on improving medication use and outcomes - another award-winning bestseller - was developed with input from nearly 100 individuals from various organizations in the US and abroad, was co-published by leading informatics and medication societies, and co-sponsored by AHRQ, leading CIS vendors and others. The second edition of the 2005 book was also developed through another large, broad-based effort, including the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). Published in 2012 it is another HIMSS Book of the Year and bestseller.


To help stakeholders implement guidance in these CDS best practice syntheses, TMIT Consulting formed a multi-stakeholder collaborative to document, share and improve CDS strategies for high priority clinical performance and public health measures, such as those in value-based purchasing programs. California Healthcare Foundation (CHCF) provided seed funding, and over 250 individuals from care delivery organizations, EHR and other HIT vendors, federal agencies, healthcare societies and other stakeholder groups are connected to this initiative.


Osheroff is lead author of the 2006 white paper commissioned by the US Health and Human Services Department (HHS) entitled, “A Roadmap for National Action on Clinical Decision Support.” He has been working since then to execute the roadmap through the guidebooks and collaborative outlined above, through leading development of care process improvement resources disseminated by ONC and CDC , and by applying these QI tools and strategies in a growing portfolio of projects to improve care processes and outcomes.


Osheroff is board certified in internal medicine, and serves on the internal medicine faculty of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. He is a fellow of the American College of Physicians, and the American College of Medical Informatics.

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